• International Internship Scholarship Program

    Crossing Paths’ Internship Abroad Program aims to financially support undergraduate students who is enrolling in a full-time program in Turkey. To be accepted for the scholarship, applicant should not be taken any financial support from the organization where is taken place for the internship. We cover the one of the expense of scholar. This is mostly plane ticket for internship.

Evaluation Factors

If you are an undergraduate student, and you are accepted by an institute for an internship, you can apply for financial support  for your expense.  Correct and fair evaluation is important for Crossing Paths. We work hard to do that. We do not evaluate anything that are related with race, religion, gender or ethnicity. We look for academic success, feature plans, motivation, impact of internship and volunteering experiences of applicants.

Please send an email to

staj@cpaths.org for your questions.

Support Them

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Application Criterias

Candidates who will apply for the internship scholarship program must meet the following criteria:

  • Turkey, which registered at a university full-time and continued to be filed in the academic year university students.
  • If students who are in their last year will start their internship within 2 months from the date of graduation,
  • Who do not receive payment within the internship program
  • Students whose internship application abroad for at least 1 month has been approved

Supported Internship Programs


Unfortunately, the internship program abroad is only a scholarship program. But you can use our other resources to help you in this regard: visit our Medium page, which is focused on internship tips, or you can sign up for a consultancy program and meet with our internship advisors and draw your way.

This situation varies according to the invoicing of the expenditure and the country of the expenditure. We are doing the necessary work to increase the amount of financial support in the coming years.

We do not make any CGPA restrictions, but we recommend keeping your average high to consider your academic achievement.

Yes, all full-time students studying in Turkey may apply. We evaluate applications regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, political view, gender, sexual orientation or age.

The internship programs we support are as follows: Corporate companies Start-ups Research projects in universities

Yes. You must have an approved internship abroad for at least 1 month.

All Statistics

Program Statistics

As the Crossing Paths Association, we have supported dozens of students to support their internships and education.

Some of the institutions accepting scholarship students:

Number of applications received in previous years: