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Education Scholarship

About The Program

Crossing Paths’ Education scholarship aims to financially support students from all grades in Turkey. If selected, we cover an education related expense of the applicant as a one-off scholarship. Please keep in mind that, this program only covers expenses within Turkey.

If you are looking for financial for an internship abroad scholarship, please checkout our International Internship Abroad Scholarship Program.

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Application Criteria

Evaluation Factors and Application Criteria

Correct and fair evaluation is important for Crossing Paths. We work hard to do that. We do not evaluate anything that are related with race, religion, gender or ethnicity. We look for academic success, plans, motivation and volunteering experiences of applicants.

Please reach out to us via [email protected] for any inquiries.


It depends on the applicant and their situation. In the past we provided students with books, learning materials, tablets and more.

Tuition fees are currently not supported.

Anyone is welcome to apply.

You can still apply, but the candidates who are applying for the first time will be prioritised based on our budget.

We have applications every quarter. If there’s an active application period, you can find the application form on Apply button. If the form is closed, don’t worry; there will be another one soon. You can also reach out to us directly to learn more: [email protected]

Yes! You can apply for your children, students, family. Basically anyone you might think this program might be useful for. Just make sure you have their details or forward this page to them.

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