• No. The association does not encourage brain drain. We do not provide information on how to immigrate to the USA to any student, we do not have professional knowledge and authority on this subject. Our association has initiated various projects both at home and abroad.
    • Another example: We provide financial support to a few students who have applied to the internship program (we expect them to have found their internship abroad), if there is a need for a scholarship, by evaluating the applications and by the donations made to our association this year. We evaluate selected students for their academic achievements and volunteer activities.
    • In our mentoring program, for example, our counselors tell many of the students applying to go abroad about my own experiences. If the student has the desire and opportunity to study abroad, we create the opportunity to ask our consultants who have studied abroad about their own experiences. For example, counselors tell students who apply to our counseling program about their own experiences about TOEFL, GRE, GMAT. Or, if the student has found a job interview, students can ask our consultants about their experiences about job interviews. Our consultants have not received career coaching services. Most of our consultants are students studying in the country or abroad or working in the industry, and they answer the questions of students who go to study abroad according to their own experience. We are not an association that provides formal consultancy services. In other words, we do not find job applications or a job abroad for students. If the student has found it himself, we pass on what we have learned from our own experiences.

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