Selim Önal


He was born in İstanbul in 1985. He graduated from Koc High School in 2004, and started his college education in Sabancı University. He graduated from Sabanci University in 2008 with a BS degree in Computer Science, and minor in Math. The same year, he started his PhD in Brown University, focusing on Computational Biology. In 2010, he left the PhD program and got a Masters degree in Computer Science. He worked for Oracle Fusion Applications team as an application developer from June 2010 to July 2011. In July 2011, he joined Google Search team as a software engineer, and worked at Google until January 2016. Between January 2016 and June 2017, he worked as a forward deployed software engineer at Palantir. Since July 2017, he has been working at Quip, a Salesforce company.

Before Crossing Paths, he volunteered as an instructor for the summer and winter schools of Association for the Support of Contemporary Living – Kadikoy, Istanbul branch between summers of 2003 and 2008. He was also as a volunteer instructor in many schools in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul as a member of volunteer projects in Koc School in 2003 and in Sabanci University between 2004 and 2008. Since 2011, he has been a mentor for Friends For Youth in Redwood City, California. He also organizes fundraising events for Friends For Youth with other volunteers.

Emre Tezişci

Accountant & Career Chats

He was born in Eskisehir in 1993. He graduated from Atayurt Science High School in 2011, and started his college education in Koc University. In 2015, he worked at Ericsson as a long term intern. He graduated from Koc University in 2016 with a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics. The same year, he started his MS degree in Hult International Business School, focusing on International Business. He studied in San Francisco and Shanghai and graduated in August 2017. Since September 2017, he has been working as a Sales Engineer at Fyde, a Silicon Valley startup.

Berfin Şimşek

Internship Abroad Program Coordinator

She was born in İzmir in 1995. She participated in International Mathematical Olympiads during her high-school education. She was awarded two bronze medals in the Mathematical Olympiads held in Argentina (2012) and Colombia (2013). She graduated from İzmir Science High-School in 2013 and started Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Mathematics double-major at Koç University in the same year. She continued her education at UCLA Electrical Engineering department with an exchange program in 2017 and in the following summer, she had an opportunity to do an internship at UC Berkeley Helen Wills Institute at a lab specialized in brain-machine interfaces. She graduated from Koç University in 2018 and she continues her education at EPFL in computer science as a Ph.D. candidate.

Ahmet Mihça Aydın

Career Talks Volunteer

He was born in Istanbul in 1999. He graduated from Istanbul Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Turhan Social Sciences High School in 2017 whereas he wants to be an engineer. He started his college education in Sabanci University in 2018.

Bartu Doruk Demirkıran

Bartu was born in Lüleburgaz in 1995. He has been studying computer engineering at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus since 2013. Bartu is interested in machine learning and deep learning, entrepreneurship, database design, and software optimization. He was software engineering intern at Evreka and Parabol Yazılım. Bartu is also a volunteer at Crossing Paths and worked on a project for social responsibility. Now, he volunteers at Internship Abroad Program. After getting diploma, he wants to work as a software engineer.

Başak Erkul

Monthly Newsletter

She was born in Hatay in 1997. In 2015, she started to study Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Manisa Celal Bayar University. Before joining Crossing Paths, she worked as a volunteer in various student branches. In 2018, she met with C-paths. Currently, she is preparing monthly newsletter for C-paths.

Beste Özer

She was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1992. During her high school years, she went to Izmir American College and to international schools in Switzerland and Croatia. She started to study Psychology at Northeastern University in 2011, and graduated with a minor in International Affairs in 2015. Throughout college, she interned in various companies in Russia, Turkey and US on Human Resources and Organizational Development and volunteered in different organizations on education and personal development. For the past two years, she is working in a bio-pharma company on Leadership and Talent Development.

Betül Günay

Diversity Project

She was born in 1993. After graduating from Hasan Ali Yücel Anatolian High School, started her college education at Sabanci University in 2012. She graduated from Sabanci University in 2017 with a BS degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She continues her education at Sabanci University in Computer Science and Engineering as a masters student.
Before joining Crossing Paths in 2017, she volunteered as student evaluator for Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MUDEK) between 2016 and 2018.

Ece Alpaslan

Ece was born in Istanbul in 1988. She got her bachelor and masters degrees from Sabanci University in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011 and 2013 respectively. In August 2013, she moved to Boston to start her PhD. in Northeastern University. During her Ph.D., she worked on targeted delivery of nanoparticles. She got her Ph.D. in August 2017, and since then she has been working as a post-doctoral researcher in New England Biolabs.
Before Kesisen Yollar, Ece was the president of Northeastern Turkish Graduate Student Association for two years and social media coordinator for Graduate Women in Science and Engineering.

Erdem Bozkurt


He was born in Istanbul in 1993. He graduated from Maltepe Anatolian High School in 2011 and continued his education in Sabanci University. He has graduated from Sabanci University with a degree in Computer Science in 2018.
He is responsible with maintainance and development of Crossing Paths website.

Fatih Doğan

Career Talks Volunteer

He was born in İstanbul in 1991. He graduated from Istanbul High School in 2010, and started his college education in Marmara University. After his graduation from Marmara University in 2014 with a BS degree in Computer Science, he joined Sim-ant Corporation as a Web Developer (Dot Net based). In 2017 he started his Master program in Computer Science in Marmara University. In 2018 June he leaved Sim-ant corporation, married and joined Tübitak Bilgem Radar Department as a software developer.

Gökberk Yar

University Relations

He was born in Kocaeli in 1998. He graduated from Koc High School in 2017. Since his graduation, he has been studying computer science at Sabancı University. He intends to continue his education with a master degree on artificial intelligence
or machine learning.

Hasan Kandemir

Mentoring Program Volunteer

He was born in 1993, Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University with Computer Engineering major in 2015. He completed his MSc at Istanbul Technical University in 2018 with Computer Engineering major. He joined crossing paths in December 2017.

Hikmet Demir

Member of Career Talks Projects Team

He was born in 1997 in Zonguldak. Throughout her high school life, he has dealt with mathematics and puzzles. In 2016, he started studying Electrical and Electronics at Bilkent University. At the end of the first year, he changed to the computer Science department and started to study mathematics with his double major program. He worked as an intern for 1 month at Somera and worked on face recognition algorithms. During her university life, he was active in IEEE Bilkent student branch and contributed to various activities, workshops and social responsibility projects. In the summer of 2018, he worked as a data science trainee at Showpad in Belgium. He is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence and he is working in this field.

İsmail Cerrah

Career Talks Volunteer

Ismail was born in Rize in 1995. He graduated from Rize Tevfik Ileri Anatolian High School in 2013, and he started physiotherapy and rehabilitation depertmant at Yeditepe University in 2014, and started to double major program with nutrition and dietetics in 2016. He was interested in basketball throughout his education life, and played in U16-17 Turkish National Basketball Teams when he was 15-17 ages. He has been working as an Assistant Student at the Corporate Communication Office of Yeditepe University since 2017. He did internships in Indiana University and Rochester University in the USA during summer 2018. Ismail has also worked as an intern physiotherapist in Indiana Basketball and Canandaigua Braves teams during his internship in the USA. Ismail, who is a 4th grade student now, wants to improve himself on sport physiotherapist and athlete nutrition after graduating from both departments. He is a volunteer at Crossing Paths. He is also the representative of Crossing Paths at Yeditepe University.

Mehmet Ali Güney

Mentoring Program Volunteer

Mehmet Ali was born in Istanbul in 1988. He got his B.S degree from Bahcesehir University and MS degree from Sabanci University in Mechatronics Engineering in 2011 and 2013 respectively. In August 2014, he moved to Massachusetts, USA to start his PhD. in University of Massachusetts Lowell. During his Ph.D., he worked on deployment of mobile robot fleets in the industrial settings. He got his Ph.D. in August 2018, and he currently works as an Automation Engineer in Komatsu.

Oğuz Demir

Internship Abroad Program

He was born in Ankara in 1995. He graduated from Ankara Ataturk Anatolian High School in 2012, and started his college education in Bilkent University, Computer Engineering and graduated in 2017. During his collage education, he worked as Graphic Design Coordinator in various student branches and worked as an active volunteer for Bilkent IEEE student branch. Currently, he is continuing his graduate education in University of Texas at Austin in the field of Software Engineering.

Semih Can Öngel


Semih was born in Ankara in 1993. He spent his childhood in Antalya. He studied Business Administration at Koc University in İstanbul. While studying he worked for various projects as video editor and visual designer. He did an internship in an advertisement agency called Guzel Sanatlar Saatchi&Saatchi. After graduating from Koc University in 2017, he studied Digital Marketing at UCLA Extension. Later he moved to San Francisco Bay Area and started working for a project on Google. He has been designing visual materials for Crossing Paths since September 2017.

Semih Yeşilli

Mentoring Program Volunteer

He was born on 1 January 2000 in Osmangazi,Bursa . He
completed him primary and secondary education in Cumhuriyet Elementary
School in Karacabey,Bursa. He attended high school at Karacabey Science High
School. Throughout education he participated in various Mathematical Olympics. In 2018, he started Mathematics Department in Middle East Technical University. He is interested in artificial intelligence and various algorithms and wants to advance him career accordingly

Tarık Korkmaz

Career Talks Volunteer

He was born in 1995 in Istanbul. He started studying industrial engineering at Koç University in 2013. After discovering his interest in programming, he started studying computer engineering as a double major program. He is interested in entrepreneurship, machine learning, mobile programming and he worked as an intern at few companies including a startup during his undergraduate education. He has graduated from Koç University in 2018. He is currently a master’s student in computer science at Technical University of Munich and is also working part time as a software engineer at a startup company.

Mesut Cancak

Youtube Video Coordinator and Editor

He was born in 2000 in Çorum.In 2015, he started studying at theDanismend Science School and currently in last grade. He is curious aboutbig data, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. He has been working in the association since June 2018.
working in the association since June 2018.