Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Abroad

I want to do an internship abroad. Can you help me find an internship?

No. The internship program abroad provides financial support to students who have already found an internship abroad. We have another program to help and guide about the ways of finding an internship abroad.

I am accepted for an internship, but financial support for the plane ticket is not enough for me to do this internship. Is it possible to receive extra financial support?

Unfortunately, no. We plan to increase the financial support in the upcoming years.

I do not get paid for the internship but I get a scholarship from other institutions. (Erasmus + etc) Can I apply?


What is GPA? Is it for semester or cumulative?

Cumulative grade point average.

My CGPA is under 3, but at the end of this semester will go up to 3, can I apply?

Yes, only if you send your updated transcript until the application due date.

Should I have bought a plane ticket?

Yes, we strongly suggest that you buy your ticket as soon as you finalize the details of your internship. We will reimburse you with the condition that you can provide the proof of purchase. (max $500).

Can any student studying at a university in Turkey apply? Do you have any restrictions?

Yes, all full-time students studying in Turkey may apply. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, political opinion, gender, sexual orientation or age in any way.

Do you evaluate applications for the non-summer internships?

No. Your internship should start at 1 August at the latest.

Do you have any restrictions on the type of internship? For which internship types one can apply for the program?

We do not have any restrictions on the type of internship.

Is there a restriction for the internship period?

Yes. You must have an internship abroad for at least 1 month.

Do you have any restriction about countries which we will do internship?

If the country of the host institution have diplomatic relations with USA, you can apply.

I am a graduate student, can I apply to the internship abroad program?

No, the program is only for undergraduate students.

How will you determine the correctness of what we say about social responsibility projects?

The application form is involved detailed questions about the project and you need to fill the references in the form. These references is able to determine the accuracy of these projects.

How long are the projects you mean with the social responsibility projects?

They have to be projects that have been done for a minimum of 6 months, which is really done by setting one’s heart on and making a great effort.

Can my chance of receiving financial support reduce, if I mark option of social responsibility projects?

No. Applicants will already be evaluated according to other criteria. In case they don’t receive, if they marked option of social responsibility projects, they will be evaluated according to social responsibility prejocts, also.

How will the social responsibility projects be evaluated? Will be the same criteria as the normal application without social responsibility projects valid?

Yes the same criteria as the normal assessment (3 CGPA, need for financial support, etc.) will be valid. In this section, people will be judged between themselves according to the size and consistency of social responsibility projects.

Is the compulsory social responsibility projects in the university evaluated in this application form?


How are social responsibility projects related with internship abroad, why is there such an additional quota?

We have basically two goals in all our programs as Crossing Paths. The first of them is to support the career development of students and to contribute to closely follow the developments in their field in Turkey and in the world. Our second goal is to contribute to the students are awareness of social responsibility and are beneficial to both the country and humanity. Last year, this program was a program that served our first goal. From this year onwards, we are adding our second goal among the targets of this program.

When are the results announced?

Calendar is as follows:

3rd May deadline of applications
31st May announcement of students who will receive financial support