Social Entrepreneurship Projects Support Program

Social Entrepreneurship Projects Support Program

What is it?

We aim support to social entrepreneurship projects that provide solutions to today’s problems

What do we offer?

Our main goal in this program is to provide consultation for the projects that have started their pilot scheme, to assist in finding funding and network, to bring them together with knowledgeable and experienced people and to build a bridge for communicating with them. At this stage, we do not provide financial support for the projects.

Who Can Apply?

Projects have to have executed their pilot scheme. Any project regarding the environment, health, education etc. are welcome to apply. It is very important that projects must be based on social responsibility and we do not provide assistance to projects whose social side is weak.


There is no deadline for submission, but we will stop new applications when we have reached a sufficient number of projects.

You can reach us at to ask questions about the program or to apply.