Career Coach Program

My Career Coach Program is a 6-months long coaching program for university undergraduate students*. This program is intended for students who are planning to find an internship program in Turkey or abroad with a career goal in mind and have a vision to reach that goal in the beginning of their career.

Who can apply?

– The applicant (mentee) must be an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled at a University in Turkey and who will not be graduating in 2018. The applicant must have finished their first year at the university successfully.
– The applicant must have applied to the Crossing Paths Mentoring program.
– The applicant should have a goal in mind that they want to reach by May 2018.
– The applicant must be a successful student in their field of study.

The Career Coach program offers:

– Monthly one to one meeting with a Career Coach to plan the next action items to help the applicant (mentee) reach and plan their goals.
– Opportunity to meet with successful people in the applicant’s field of study
– Technical mock interview opportunity for engineering students.
– An opportunity for the applicant to volunteer with other volunteers who are serving on Crossing Paths mentorship and Career Coach programs who have experiences doing internships locally or abroad and who also have studied/worked abroad.

* At least 50% of the funding to support the internships abroad are allocated for My Career Coach program in 2018.

What is expected from the Career Coach applicant (mentee):

– The mentee must be determined to work towards accomplishing the set goals
– The mentee must be proactive in utilizing the benefits the Career Coach program offers


Participation in the “My Career Coach” Program is completely voluntary by both the Career Coach and the mentee. The relationship between the Mentees and their Career Coaches in the program will be held at a professional level. It is the responsibility to the mentee to utilize the benefits of this program and learn from their Career Coach and be pro-active. Please visit the FAQ for more detailed information about the structure of the Career Coach program.

Application for 2018 is closed!