Mentoring Program Scholarship

Mentoring Program Scholarship

You can see the details of $250 scholarship program for active mentees below.

What is the purpose and cover of the scholarship?

Purpose of this scholarship is to reward mentees who need this scholarship, are going to use this scholarship for right purposes and are actively using Crossing paths mentoring program.

Every month, a mentee will be rewarded a scholarship worth $250. This scholarship can be used only for educational purposes.

Who will be selected for scholarship?

Every month, a mentee that has applied for scholarship will be selected based on number of meeting they had with mentors and mentors’ feedbacks about meetings.

  • If a mentee has never been selected for scholarship, all the meeting they had attented will be counted for their progress.
  • If a mentee has been selected before, then the number of meetings after the month they have been selected for scholarship will be counted.
  • A mentee been selected for scholarship can apply for scholarship again after 6 months.
  • Feedbacks from mentors will have a major effect on selection process
  • A mentee can apply for scholarship only if they have been using mentoring program for at least 3 months.

How can i use this scholarship?
This scholarship can be used only for educational purposes. For this, you can send the invoice of the expenditure back to us and we can send the cost of the expenditure or we can directly pay for the expenditure.
This educational scholarship can be used for;

  • Course fee,
  • Conference fee or flight ticket(to conference),
  • Books,
  • Exam fee
  • Online course fee,

or if you want to use for other educational purposes, please specify it at application form

When and How can i apply?
Every month, we will make an announcement. Applications will generally start at the last week of a month and only the mentees who have applied will be considered for scholarship.

How will you announce the winner?
Every month, mentee who is selected for scholarship will be informed. After a little time later, winner will be announced in our social media accounts.