Get Involved

Apply to Have a Mentor

If you would like to develop your skills, get advice on educational or job-related topics, and build your network for a better future, you can apply to our program to have a mentor.

Mentors provide wide range of support in language skills, tech skills, business skills, career advice, job interview help, resume building, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Provide a safe, confidential venue – beyond teacher- student interactions – in which to ask questions and seek advice
  • Foster development of professional skills
  • Aid in navigation of personal, social or professional issues
  • Provide guidance as you consider your future
  • Help you to be a happier and more productive part of society

Become a Mentor

A mentoring relationship is a great way to get valuable advice and guidance from experienced professionals to help students grow and develop. Becoming a mentor is a perfect way to share your insight and help less experienced progress!

Mentors in our program are matched one-to-one with a youth in need of skill improvement.

Mentoring can provide an opportunity to develop coaching, listening, management and communication skills and foster networking with others. Mentoring offers critical leadership experience, including the opportunity to self-reflect. Mentors often learn a great deal from their mentees, who can offer a different perspective or even a role-related skill.

Mentoring can:

  • Provide an opportunity to develop coaching, listening, and communication skills
  • Foster networking with students and help provide opportunities
  • Encourage reflection on your own career goals and experience
  • Give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping a fellow student!


We are asking mentors to conduct frequent meetings with their mentees to maximize the benefits.