Frequently Asked Questions

Career Coach

Do I meet my Career Coach in person?

No. The monthly meetings with your Career Coach will be online through the internet via google hangouts or skype.

Do you provide any opportunities for me to meet famous people in my field?

We have a wide network of volunteers who are mentors or Career Coaches in Crossing Paths.  If there is a person in your field that you may want to meet, we will try to invite them to give a talk in one of our Career talks online and provide you a chance to be the moderator.  If they expect to come, it is up to you to use this opportunity to meet this person and ask them more questions if you would like to.

Does My Career Coach program guarantee any internships?

No. My Career Coach program does not provide any job or internship opportunities for the mentee. The mentee will have to search for any internships or job positions in Turkey or abroad and they are expected to apply to these positions themselves.

In what areas, can my Career Coach Program support me?

My Career Coach Program provides guidance to help mentee accomplish their goals in their field of study and give Career advice such as how to prepare a CV, how to interview and how to contact world renowned experts in their field of study.

Does Career Coaches get paid for their service?

No.  All of our Career Coaches are volunteers who are students or working professionals. Our Career Coaches are not formally trained Career Coaches, however, they are willing to share their experiences and provide guidance to mentees based on their own experiences. It is expected for the mentees to be respectful of their Coach’s time and fully utilize the program. Also, the relationship between the Career Coach and the mentee will be held at a professional level.

Internship Abroad

I want to do an internship abroad. Can you help me find an internship?

No. Internship abroad program provides financial support for students who already got accepted to an internship. We plan to extend the scope of this program by providing support and guidelines on finding an internship abroad in the upcoming years.

I got accepted to my internship. Even if you buy my plane tickets, I don’t have enough money to sustain myself during my internship. Can you provide additional financial support?

Unfortunately, no. We plan to increase the financial support in the upcoming years.

I don’t receive payment from my internship institution. However, I will receive additional scholarship for my internship abroad (Erasmus+ etc). Can I apply?


What is GPA? Is it for semester or cumulative?


My GPA is below 3 but it will be above 3 at the end of this semester. Can I apply?

If you send us the updated transcript before the end of the evaluation process, yes.

Should I buy my plane ticket?

Yes, please do. We will reimburse you with the condition that you can provide the proof of purchase.

Can any full-time student in Turkey apply? Do you have any restrictions?

Yes, any student can apply. We don’t do positive or negative discrimination based on nationality, ethnic background, religion, political views, gender, sexual orientation and / or age.

Do you evaluate non-summer period internships?

No. Your internship should start August 1 the latest.

I study medicine and I will be doing internship as an observer. Can I apply?


I’m doing my masters degree. Can I benefit from Internship Abroad Program?

No, only undergrad students are eligible for the program.

When will the results be announced??

Tentative schedule is:
June 2: application due
June 12: announcement of students who are invited to an online interview
June 12: online interviews
June 19: announcement of selected students